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Thai Healing Touch: Level One (witness)


Thai Healing Touch Training
June 19th-24th, 2017

Mi Yoga, Pewaukee, WI

This 5-day foundational, intensive course is open to all interested in witnessing the body, exploring breath, and connecting to Thai healing touch through metta (loving kindness)

*As part of the Reflections 300-hour AYT, advanced hours/certification applies for yoga instructors*

In this 40 Hour Training, you will learn a 75-minute Traditional Thai Bodywork sequence to include in your private practice, expand your understanding of energetic and physical healing, and enhance your knowledge of human movement, structural alignment and intuitive touch. Fine tune the ability to witness and hold space for harmony and self-healing.

Mi Yoga is on the beach of Peawakee Lake. A beautiful setting to learn how to witness the body, the breath, and the deep connection created through touch.

Price includes Training Manual and light bites, water, tea and coffee. (Does Not include room and board)

$660.00 PAY IN FULL

OR MORE INFO: tai@reflectionsyoga.com

You will fly into Milwaukee Airport (MKE)
Rent a car, or we can arrange for transportation. 

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Roots of Yoga Philosophy
8:00 PM20:00

Roots of Yoga Philosophy


The Roots of Yoga Philosophy
With Asley Watry

Pre Registration Required (click here)

A deeply informative class on the ancient philosophy responsible for the Yoga we practice today. We will uncover the vital topics of Sankhya philosophy, such as Purusha, Prakriti, and the Gunas, of which Yoga is the practical approach to. We will then embark on uncovering the meaning of the very words "Hatha" and "Yoga" by consulting the authoritative texts responsible for passing down this knowledge. You will leave this workshop with a deep understanding of both the yogic perspective of the world we live in and the inner workings of what happens behind the scenes of our Yoga practice. By delving into the very roots of Yoga, we allow it to radically expand our understanding and inspire us along this transformative path.

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